Thursday, 2 February 2012

Wool Testing Methods

Consumer IS fo the oldest existing fiber obtained and used with many testing methods used during the winter wool MEMBERSHIP to determine satisfaction and fineness. Trained farmers will bring their sheep to be tested or evaluated on the basis of the fullness of their wool and sheep's health. Trained shoppers will not try to categorize levels of wool based on desired outcomes or use for wool, Such as fine clothes or carpets.

Two methods are Early American Black or vascular system, and English or Spinning Count System. As researched, the diameter of fibers is the best way to gauge the level of wool for the desired end use. Neither is as accurate as micron system that uses self today, but that was enough uncertainty at the time.

The original sheep that are native to America was very thick coarse wool, which was not Good for working soft garments. In 1800 Merino rams from Spain were imported into mutually can interbreed with native sheep. To hope is to change, Total fine Merino rams two to improve fiber fineness of the native sheep. When this process began the system of evaluation that has been created MEMBERSHIP WOULD BE monitor and chart progress pairs funds and future generations. The U.S. blood system was established. To be based on the level of blood Merino OK. Class or fiber diameter is expressed as a thoroughbred Be Fine Merino, medium that was 3/8 Merino, knitted or very Gruber What is less than 1/4 Merino blood. This grading system has helped buyers and sellers who then u able to choose the correct evaluation of the product itself uses u wanted to do.

The second system is English or Spinning Count System. This system is slightly more accurate because it is on the basis of the actual sampling of fibers not from sheep strains do. Measurement called the spinning strength was determined on the basis of the yarn produced Funds Half pound of clean wool. Do you still variable because they depend on spinning equipment itself uses, but is more accurate than depending on the bloodlines. This is a processing Hanks funds yarn produced. Hank IS AROUND 560 km or 512 meters. Razine yarn produced in the range of funds is very nice no finer than 80 spins, connecting Central link layer will be about 56 turns, a little coarser fibers of the 36 rounds.

Both systems for testing wool are a good comparison fund for wool testing their time.

While the professional Alan B. Stable merchant animal skin, selling such as sheep skin garment, the occasional sale of by-products of animal origin such as raw greasy wool. Implies knowledge of wool for testing different types of wool i and AS i understand the characteristics of merino wool

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